My day in review

today's metaphor christian lautenschleger

Studied for the GRE. Remembered that the Innovate New Albany Tiger Talk started at 930, even though in my mind I was going to talk with Shaun later. Bought groceries and went to the bank. Read a bit in a boring book about the Boston Marathon. Went for a run. Decided I need to see a doc, finally. Laundry. Spoke with Judy, on the phone. Write this blog. Streak continued. Low on motivation until I hear back from sport doc.

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How to instantly start a business?

luxury travel christian lautenschleger

How to instantly start a business? Step 1. Think of an idea Step 2. Start a business. It’s that simple. If it’s an obsession, passion, or calling, we start now. If there’s a new show to binge on Netflix, we bet our asses those aficionados start binging now, not next week. Those two steps are all it takes. We can read “20 GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS!”, but if none of them peak our interest today, do we really think we’ll start tomorrow? For those who’ve been in the startup circle, we know there’s too much that goes into starting a business …

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The Great Marathon Garmin Watch Challenge of 2017: Who wants it?

garmin 620 garmin challenge christian lautenschleger

This past week I received my new watch, the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, replacing the venerable Garmin 620 (I wanted fitness tracking, better battery life, and all of the bells and whistles, which aren’t too shabby). What to do with the old watch? I found a resourceful, productive way for someone who will really use it! I wanted to create a challenge for someone this year. You accomplish it, or pay my asking price if I had decided to sell my Garmin 620. Enter, The Great Garmin Watch Challenge of 2017. My guidelines: DON’T own a fitness, GPS, or sport …

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Failing: Why Stigmatized?

pink atlantic sunrise failing christian lautenschleger

Want to know who doesn’t fail? People who don’t want to try anything new. People who don’t leave their comfort zone. People who live with regret. Failing quintessentially divides people into two camps: Are we willing to try something, that may better ourselves and those around us; or do we want to play it safe, stay in our bubble, and never take a chance? I’m not sure when “failing” became a thing. It sounds like some sort of American paradox: the people who moved America failed over and over, yet we expect perfection that prevents people from even trying because …

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Visualize success before it happens, the key?

visualize christian lautenschleger

Visualize success before it happens to make it a reality. Our subconscious mind is a powerful being. Visualize the success that it brings before it happens and watch your ideas, plans, and vision become a reality. Many a people visualize their futures far before it ever happens. They have a grand vision that they seek to create. When their future becomes the present, they knew it all along. They only had to execute. If we don’t know what we want, how can we achieve it. How can we achieve if we don’t visualize? If can be a family, a career, …

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Three words for 2017 — what are yours?

Three words for 2017. (Apparently each word has its own meaning, so no phrases with taxing prepositions.) My mom sent me this link a few days ago discussing three words to guide us through 2017. After a little bit of careful deliberation, I arrived at my three. Accomplish Ideas are dime a dozen, especially for me. I can think of quite a few things I can and want to do, but actually finishing them is a whole, different story. One of my three words for 2017 is “accomplish” because I don’t want to leave things halfway done — I want …

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How much do you want success?

We’ll have success once we want success as much as our next breath.

I’m not really one for sharing YouTube videos, mainly because most people are horrible [citation needed] at choosing which videos to shares. This video is not one.

The first time I watched that video, which I believe featured in an article, I reflected on “as much as your next breath”. Few phrases resonate as much.

We’ve all had the experience that we must do one thing right now! that is more important than anything else. Our next breath when we’re underwater, finding a bathroom when we gotta go, or a gulp of water when we took a bite to eat too hot (okay, that’s flippant, but the point remains).

The same comes with success. Success – however you want to define it – does not come easy. To become really, really successful becomes even more difficult. We can’t show up at the door of success, knock on it, and expect to be let in — we have to break it open!

We have to plan, we have to execute, we have to spend more time away from family and friends to achieve what we want. It gets lonely. It becomes frustrating. It becomes isolating. It becomes a mental grind of everyday consistency when not everything goes right. To want success we have to really want success. We can’t sort of want success; we really have to want it. It has to permeate your soul.

We all know people who kind of want success. They wonder why they aren’t successful. Success does not come on a silver platter. Success, instead, comes on the top of climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and diving down trenches. We just can’t want success, we have to eat, breath, and sleep success.

Watch profiles about billionaires starting their companies, about how they made their fortunes. Their success was their next breath. When asked, how many say that if they had to do it over again they wouldn’t? That should tell you something about the level of dedication it takes to reach the top. To want success, we have to want it more than the next breath.

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