How often do we read books that change our lives?

give and take book christian lautenschleger

When’s the last time you’ve read a book that’s changed your mindset and outlook? We may read books all of the time, and they may be “good”, but how often are they ones that change us? How often do we read books that open our minds to something we haven’t known – or even considered – before opening the cover. I just started reading Give and Take (thanks, Prime shipping!). It’s absolutely captivating. I’ve heard of Gary V’s “Jab, jab, right hook” metaphor, but GaT takes it to an academic level that really brings it home. There are three types of …

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Lighting: Eye-Opening into the world of photography

In an effort to increase my value for photography and a way to make money during the winter months in Ohio, I decided to invest in a lighting system for my Nikon. I’ve by-and-large been a natural light photographer up until this point, but thought that I needed to add lights. Maybe just because. I’ve shot for a newspaper and have a good camera and host of lenses, but thought I’d grab a speedlight and some softboxes for my new studio. Wow, I had no idea I missed so much with photography until I (re)discovered lighting. With natural light you …

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