Communities around us and how they shape us

communities christian lautenschleger

We’re humans. We’re social creatures. Many people want to act like we’re independent without needing people. Who we spend time with matters as much about ourselves as anyone. We are the sum of those around us. Our personalities, attitudes, and moods stem the people with whom we spend the most time. Choose your communities wisely. Work People often have two times of jobs: vocations or bill-payers. People who’ve had a greater calling, or “dream” job, will usually work with people who share much closer interests. That’s why they’re there. People who have bill-payer jobs often act like drones and work …

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Put yourself out there, for good things the happen

christian lautenschleger

They say good things happen when you put the ball into play. Watching the ball whiz by our bodies only leads to a ball or strike. But, from swinging the bat we see many possibilities. We can get a hit, a sacrifice fly, or reach base on a fielding error. Anything can happen. We take action into our own hands, away from the decision of the umpire. In life, good things happen when we put ourselves out there, meeting with, and talking to people. We have to leave the confinement of our own homes. In theory, we never have to …

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Introducing Blogsfere

blogsfere christian lautenschleger

Welcome to Blogsfere. I am extraordinarly excited to bring you Blogsfere. Do you blogger? Do you want to connect with other bloggers and blogs? Do you want to learn more about blogging? Blogsfere was created to connect bloggers in an online community with a growing library of information, tutorials, and articles. It creates, fosters, and educates a blogging community. I created Blogsfere, because although I’ve blogged for years, I’ve never found a really good way to connect with other people or bloggers, let alone have the “power” to have many posts highly ranked on Google (which has about 2/3 of …

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Positive or negative: you are who we thought you were

positive water glass christian lautenschleger

We have two outlooks of life: positive and negative. Or if you’d rather, the glass’s half-empty or half-full. We can be one of the other. We can’t possess them simultaneously. The outlook we have in life is infectious, not only for ourselves but to others. More than likely, you are who we thought you were. Humans are social creatures. The worst thing we can do is isolate ourselves from others. We tend to want to associate and spend time with like minded people: The Law of Attraction. We are the average of the five people with whom you spend most …

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