Introducing Blogsfere

blogsfere christian lautenschleger

Welcome to Blogsfere. I am extraordinarly excited to bring you Blogsfere. Do you blogger? Do you want to connect with other bloggers and blogs? Do you want to learn more about blogging? Blogsfere was created to connect bloggers in an online community with a growing library of information, tutorials, and articles. It creates, fosters, and educates a blogging community. I created Blogsfere, because although I’ve blogged for years, I’ve never found a really good way to connect with other people or bloggers, let alone have the “power” to have many posts highly ranked on Google (which has about 2/3 of …

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Definiteness of purpose: it’s easy once you decide

definiteness of purpose christian lautenschleger

For all of my life, once I have a definiteness of purpose, it’s easy. Once I have made a decision to do something, I find that I’m already halfway done with the battle. I have only left to execute. One of Napoleon Hill’s principles is the concept of definiteness of purpose. With it comes the “burning desire” to accomplish what you want. He talks most specifically about careers, as his magnum opus is Think and Grow Rich, but the principle applies to our lives in general. Back when I wanted to backpacked, I read that the hardest part is deciding …

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