2018 Cleveland Marathon: No more fun run marathons!

fun run marathons finisher's medal

“Respect the distance.” Probably the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about today’s marathon. Yeah, I never doubted finishing (although a half may have been better, overall, today), but if I don’t want to race the marathon, I don’t take the training, preparation, or race seriously. No more fun run marathons! For the second year in a row, I got an entry via FMDSA (an Altra ambassador had a cousin running [operating] that charity, and they looked for runners). I probably would never pick the Cleveland Marathon as a goal race because of the time of year (the …

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2K17 The Land Marathon Race Report: You can’t make a cycle into three weeks

post marathon tacos

Well, after a winter of an injury, then injury after trying to come back to soon I finally got a marathon in. Thanks to the generosity of a friend who knew someone looking for FMDSA charity runners, I got an entry for the 2017 Cleveland Marathon, their 40th (I ran Glass City’s 40th last year, and the OBX’s 10th the year prior; mmk). The plan for the race: just wing it. I had two weeks of 66 miles, including one 20 miler, but that doesn’t bring back all of my endurance I lost. I figured the marathon would at least …

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