The Injured Runner’s Paradox

christian lautenschleger

Saying the word “paradox” makes everything sound more intellectual than it really is. The injured runner’s paradox simply states – this I totally made up today – that runners become injured by running, and want to get back to what caused their injury, running, as soon as possible. Only the NFL has a higher rate of injury than running (100% injury rate for the NFL; and I also made up “only the NFL”). Running’s a feeling that everyone receives differently. Some people do it to lose weight. Some people do it for fitness. Some people do it to accomplish something. …

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Snowy day: photographic spontaneity

snowy night christian lautenschleger

I’m not the biggest fan of winter, but I love the sights of a snowy day on the trees. As a runner, snow can severely sidetrack training; as a photographer, snow majestically changes the landscape. You must take advantage of every opportunity given to you, as you don’t know when or if you get it again. Recently, it calmly snowed all day. The perfect “packing” snow that sticks to everything, for creating snowmen, and starting snowball fights. I needed to take advantage of the day with my camera. I wanted to try something new. With my new lighting knowledge, I …

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Lighting: Eye-Opening into the world of photography

In an effort to increase my value for photography and a way to make money during the winter months in Ohio, I decided to invest in a lighting system for my Nikon. I’ve by-and-large been a natural light photographer up until this point, but thought that I needed to add lights. Maybe just because. I’ve shot for a newspaper and have a good camera and host of lenses, but thought I’d grab a speedlight and some softboxes for my new studio. Wow, I had no idea I missed so much with photography until I (re)discovered lighting. With natural light you …

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