Lemonade out of lemons — make the best of every situation

christian lautenschleger

Tendinitis. It’s a dreadful word for runners. It’s not so much the pain, but the time it takes to heal. No one knows. Treatment and rest help heal tendinitis. In the meantime? Either painful running or no running. Some runners even (regrettably) take up different sports for cross-training to avoid losing fitness. But you know what? It’s a quintessential time to make lemonade out of lemons. For every situation, we need to think about how we can make the most of it. We need to think about how we can put a positive spin and action on everything. Why? Otherwise, …

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Time: Our Most Valuable Asset

time christian lautenschleger

Time, our most valuable asset. We don’t get it back. We can’t “create” time, but we can become more productive. Today became a sort of soul-searching day for Christian. I got caught up in traffic this morning (it felt like a metaphor, actually), did a lot of reflection, and just decided to make a day of it. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “well, there’s five minutes I’ll never get back.” But when we think of it, it’s really damn true. And can be applied to most aspects of our lives. Watching TV, surfing the web, checking Facebook, …

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I don’t watch Shark Tank: Am I a winner or loser?

watch shark tank christian lautenschleger

Full disclosure: I don’t watch Shark Tank, so I don’t know much about the show. In fact, most of what I know about the show I learned from watching a standup comedienne and Wikipedia. If sitting down to watch Shark Tank inspires one to become an entrepreneur, great. But do the people who start businesses and seek investor capital watch the show? I’ve read in a forum or two about why more famous people don’t post. Maybe because they’re doing what they’re doing that make them famous? Duh. People rarely stumble upon being famous; it takes years of persistence, struggle, …

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Living for the weekend fallacy

working for the weekend christian lautenschleger

The American work week goes like this: Monday morning comes as we stammer to our place of work, where we talk about what we did “all” weekend. Tuesday doesn’t matter. We call Wednesday “hump day” because we’re “getting over the hump”, and for its double-entendre. Thursday is the new Friday! Let’s go out and do stuff, tomorrow’s Friday! It’s TGIF! That means we only have to kill a few hours at work! It’s Friday night! Saturday, let’s do something recreational! Sunday! Time for church and family! Ugh, it’s Sunday evening and I’m counting down the clock until I go to …

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Da Vinci only had 24 hours in a day

clock christian lautenschleger

How do some people get so much done? They must have extra time in their lives! No, actually, no one days. Everyone has the same exact numbers of hours each day. Although, some people have much better time management execution than others. Knowing how to use our time wisely takes skill, practice, and execution. I have a friend, Chad, who says he never has “time to kill” because he always finds a way to productively use his time. If we think about that, that makes sense. A hour “to kill” per day becomes seven hours per week. A few minutes …

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