Week in Review: a doc, some PT, and recovery

running week in review christian lautenschleger

Apparently, it wasn’t tendinitis, but a calf strain. The miscellaneous pain was caused by the strain, not the injury itself. That’s why doctors say if it still hurts after a few days, go see one! If nothing else, you’ll recover sooner. Lesson learned. Last week I made the decision finally to see a doctor. My injury had gone on long enough and at that point I didn’t think it would recovery on its own. I asked a friend and she immediately had a doctor in mind (in the end, four people recommended that doctor, as he’s the best doctor for …

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The Injured Runner’s Paradox

christian lautenschleger

Saying the word “paradox” makes everything sound more intellectual than it really is. The injured runner’s paradox simply states – this I totally made up today – that runners become injured by running, and want to get back to what caused their injury, running, as soon as possible. Only the NFL has a higher rate of injury than running (100% injury rate for the NFL; and I also made up “only the NFL”). Running’s a feeling that everyone receives differently. Some people do it to lose weight. Some people do it for fitness. Some people do it to accomplish something. …

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If it hurts for more than a few days, doctor

calf strain christian lautenschleger

Word to the wise, if it hurts for more than a few days, go see a doctor. On one hand running is a hobby, a fun activity. A doctor is for sick people, right? Not for people who have aches and pains from running. I mean, why see a doctor when some rest and at-home physical therapy will do the trick? Maybe. Maybe we know what we have and can recover on our own. Or maybe we have a more serious issue. Or something that is actually different than what you research has shown. Several reasons. Runners love to run. …

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Tendinitis: Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face

tendinitis christian lautenschleger

My seemingly never-ending tendinitis saga created another setback. If you recall, I previously posted about missing running. It’s turned from out a few weeks to hopefully only a month more before I can go. Ugh, soft tissue injuries. The ones that we’re not sure if we’ll be out a few days or nagging us for months. Recovery runs are those that actually help us when our muscles are sore after hard runs or races. We really don’t have anything for tendinitis. Rest and recovery are generally what the doctor orders for tendinitis (I haven’t seen one; but have done lots …

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