Week in Review: a doc, some PT, and recovery

running week in review christian lautenschleger
running week in review christian lautenschleger
I wish my stocks looked like that.

Apparently, it wasn’t tendinitis, but a calf strain. The miscellaneous pain was caused by the strain, not the injury itself. That’s why doctors say if it still hurts after a few days, go see one! If nothing else, you’ll recover sooner. Lesson learned.

Last week I made the decision finally to see a doctor. My injury had gone on long enough and at that point I didn’t think it would recovery on its own. I asked a friend and she immediately had a doctor in mind (in the end, four people recommended that doctor, as he’s the best doctor for runners in Central Ohio, and has been the head physician of the Columbus Marathon). So, off to the doctor, I went, on Monday. There, he diagnosed me with a calf strain, stating that the foot and ankle issues came from the strain. And that both calfs are very tight. That, I already know. Ninety-mile weeks with zero drop footwear without stretching does that. This is the first time my calf has given me problems, so I haven’t had to change that (lack of) routine. He gave me a bevy of exercises to do at home. I gladly obligated.

I did a short run with my running group – Grandview Running Club – to test it out, that way I could go to the physical therapist Wednesday with a list of grievances pains. I got two things out of that run: that that was the shortest planned run since maybe forever (albeit a single, well-execute mile), and that I didn’t have any pains. I ran very slowly – 9:22 – and the pain in my calf and lower leg never came. I’ll take it.

Physical therapy went well. Basically, stretches and an ultrasound (I’m not pregnant). The PT stated she likes working with athletes the most. I found that bit interesting. Apparently, we actually listen and want to improve. Duh, have you ever spoken to an injured runner?

On Thursday I planned for a 1.5 mile run, but became a 2-miler because I felt so good. I knew that I was rapidly improving at that point. Then, I doubled that on Friday to 4 miles. Maybe some slight tenderness in my foot and ankle, but the calf held up.

Saturday featured a six-mile run. Pretty, sunny day. I thought about doing eight, but discipline, discipline,

vo2 loss So, this is what losing fitness looks like to Garmin.christian lautenschleger
So, this is what losing fitness looks like to Garmin.

discipline. The last mile I ran in 7:30, as opposed to ~9:00 that I’ve carried throughout the week. My heart rate actually went down during the faster mile. Go figure.

On Sunday, I capped off the week running on the Olentangy River bike trail. Hella runners out. My heart rate actually stood around 150, down from nearly 170 for the rest of the week. I could definitely feel improved endurance. I might have so slightly felt something in my calf, but nothing that made me want to turn around or stop. I got chicked midway through the sixth mile. I sped up just to see what she was running (7:30sish) and stayed with her. My boredom continued and I passed her, on my way to running 7 and 6:35 for the last two miles. My leg held up.

I never would have thought my injury only required stretching. But, it works! Although my fitness seems to be coming back pretty quickly, increasing mileage too quickly is the way to get injury. So, I’ll need to discipline myself the next few weeks to avoid injury. It’s great to be back!



  1. Tuesday 1.0 9:22
  2. Wednesday 1.0 9:22
  3. Thursday 2:0 9:04
  4. Friday 4.0 8:45
  5. Saturday 6.0 8:56
  6. Sunday 8.0 8:17

22.0 mi | 3h 11m | 302 ft | 8:42/mi