Our Subconscious: everything becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

subconscious christian lautenschleger
subconscious christian lautenschleger
What does your subconscious mind think about this picture?

I’ve heard people bitch about “that’s just a self-fulling prophecy.”  One such person was a college roommate.  He’d complain about something becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy while he’d watch sci-fi movies all day at his desk.  Instead of doing something for himself, he’d passive-aggressively project.  His subconscious already decided that he couldn’t do it.  Once we convince ourselves we can’t do something, it’s hard to reverse it.

Everything we do becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People who have convinced themselves that they can break down walls, barriers, or ceilings are the same people who achieve whatever they want because they’ve already convinced themselves that they can.  Believing in ourselves transforms our subconscious into something magnificent: we can go out and do it!

The one thing we have complete control over is our mind.  Nothing else.  Make everything a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Transform the subconscious that it’s not a matter whether we can do it, but rather when we can do it.  We have figured out a way to get it done!  Take a cue from the doer and make it happen for ourselves!  It can be everyday tasks, or it can be our lives’ purpose.  Whatever way we can mentally “trick” ourselves is one step closer to hitting our goals!

Humans are extraordinarily cerebral.  This works for our benefit and demise.  It’s literally all in our heads.  “We our are best friends, and worse enemies.”  If we have a positive mental attitude, we can achieve whatever we want.  If we have a negative mental attitude, it may be hard for us to leave the house.  Ultimately, it’s up to us — do we want to meet our own goals and aspirations or do we want to sulk and be jealous of those who have figured it out?

We are never too old or young to learn.  Over the past few years I’ve met people of all ages, races, and backgrounds who’ve learned our subconscious will take us far.  I’ve met people who’ve learned that personal development is a practice at which everyone can learn and excel.  Humans aren’t individualistic or unique as what we’d like to think.  But the variance of our abilities lies with our mental outlook.  If we believe that we can become better everyday, we can.  If our subconscious is negative, toxic, and harmful we won’t.

Think about what we can do today to make us better.  There is no “new year, new me!”  It’s what can I do today.  It’s not what we were five days ago or what we will start six months from now.  It’s deciding that we can become better people each and every day.  Make our subconscious an asset, not a liability.


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