Make the most of everyday

Everyday needs to be something.  We all have days better and worse than others.  Some days everything is “clicking” the way we want.  Some days are bogged down with activities, tasks, chores, and work that we would rather not do.  But, we have only one life (YOLO, y’all).

We have 24 hours each day.  Today, I will be at my part-time “day job” for most of it.  Some people would chalk today up as a “wasted” day.  Especially with the freezing rain we had overnight.  But isn’t that mindset self-defeating?  Doesn’t that rationalize many days as “lost days” in which we view it as a lost day?

That mindset can be infectious and habit-forming.  If we experience this several times per week, we just lost a significant portion of our lives.  Weeks become months, which become years, which become decades.  Before we know it, we’re old and wonder where did our lives go?

These thoughts relate to “working for the weekend”.  We probably know people whose whole mindset lives for one or two days per week.  Instead of living everyday, they live for 1/7 or 2/7 of their lives.  Does that mindset make anyone happy?  Even if Monday or Tuesday seem be a drag, as it’s the beginning of the traditional workweek, do we still make the most out of them?

How often do we hear about people who’ve had eye-opening events, who’ve come to learn that we need to live everyday?  Those people know how precious life is, and the way they lived isn’t living.  Those people do “180s” and start to live their lives!  They become some of the most productive and positive people.  They know life’s value.

If I didn’t decide to write a blog post everyday, I could easily chalk up a couple of days per week as “off days” from blog writing.  But you know what?  That’s cheating myself out of consistency and moving myself forward everyday.  If we rationalize not doing something one day it becomes easier to do it a second and third.  Part of making the most out of everyday is consistency everyday.  We don’t have off days on the road to success.

If nothing more, we ought to dedicate everyday of our capable lives for those who can’t.  We probably all know someone less fortunate than us, who doesn’t have the ability to live like we can.  Do it for those people.


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