Get stuff done hack, easier life?

Want to get stuff done?  Even really mentally tedious tasks?  There’s a simple way to get stuff done and that is to simply make them easy and accessible.  Make it

get stuff done sunset christian lautenschleger
Look at this sunset for motivation, then use that to get stuff done.

routine.  Make it accessible.  And make it as “fun” as possible.

We don’t like doing tasks that suck.  We especially don’t like doing task that suck that eat a lot of time.  The easier the chore is to do, the more likely it will be to do.

The total opposite is also true.  Want to stop watching so much TV?  Hide the remote.  Want to curve on the amount of time on your smartphones?  Keep it at an inconvenient location.

The more convenient something is to do the more likely we will do it.  The less convenient something is to do the less likely we are to do it.  Fewer steps = easier to do.  Minimize the steps needed and watch us get stuff done more easily and more conveniently.  Productivity = efficiency.

Take this blog for example.  In case we haven’t noticed, I’ve organized this blog to make every post one of four categories with two tags.  Everything I write will go into “experiences, personal development, photography, and running”, and I’ll add the two most relevant tags.  Done.  It can be as simple that that.  Organization.  Don’t overwhelm ourselves by making things complicated.  Be Russian in World War II, not Germany.

Another bonus bit on advice?  Make things a habit!  Our brains want everything to be systematized to be habit without actually having to think about them.  It wants habits, not “variety is the spice of life” because that means it has to think.  When things become routine and easy we get stuff done.

Why do some people excel at productivity?  They get stuff done because they make things easy to do.  They organized their lives so they don’t waste time physically or mentally fumbling through the day.  The more convenient something is to do the easier it will be to do.



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