Waking up early to maximize our days

waking up early morning sunrise christian lautenschleger
waking up early morning sunrise christian lautenschleger
We see beauty like this waking up early. #cellphonephotography

The sun is still waking up, but I’m up.  I start to write my second blog post of the day before we’re able to play a game of catch outside.  Waking up early has a habit of extremely productivity, for those who practice it.

They say that morning birds are the productive people of society.  They’re not wrong.  Waking up early means starting our days when it’s calm, void of distractions, and as a way to jump starts our productivity. Above all, it adds time to our days.

Waking up early – hours before sunrise – means we have extra time before most people’s days start.  It adds hours of productivity.  It gives us time to start projects we’ve put off.  It gives us time to start projects we’ve wanted to do.  It gives us hours to do chores, work on presentations, write blogs.  Waking up early can mean quiet “me” time before the rest of our families awake.

Pragmatically, how much work do we accomplish at the end of the days?  Some say night owls are the creative people.  But how often is that creativity put to good use?  Perhaps it’s used for brain storming.  Perhaps not.  Would we rather watch about TV drama in the evening, or go to bed to wake up and start the next day?

Some of the most productive people wake up at 0430.  Why?  It’s like starting our days with the turbo boost on.  It’s the awesome morning workout that gets the juices and endorphins flowing that creates momentum for the rest of our days.  It sets the tone.  We probably all know someone who’s bouncy and full of energy as “work” starts at 0800.  Why not follow that person’s lead?  Maybe workout instead of crawling out of bed wondering if it’s Friday yet?

How to become a morning person?  Harvard states we must change our internal clock to “morningness”.  If we have an inclination to stay up late, we have to adjust to go to bed early.  Waking up early means moving around – even outside – earlier in the day for our bodies to adjust.  For some people, it’s a gradual adjustment; for others, they can start today.  Everyone’s different.  Not everyone likes their turkey cold.

I still don’t even see the sun after typing the rough draft of this post.  I think I’ll now move on to editing photos for a client.



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