Time: Our Most Valuable Asset

time christian lautenschleger

Time, our most valuable asset.  We don’t get it back.  We can’t “create” time, but we can become more productive.  Today became a sort of soul-searching day

time christian lautenschleger
Because nothing says “living” like a day at the beach. Time to get moving!

for Christian. I got caught up in traffic this morning (it felt like a metaphor, actually), did a lot of reflection, and just decided to make a day of it.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “well, there’s five minutes I’ll never get back.”  But when we think of it, it’s really damn true.  And can be applied to most aspects of our lives.  Watching TV, surfing the web, checking Facebook, spending time with people we don’t like, working a job we dislike, etc. — all of which waste much of our lives.  If we’re not careful, those weeks become months, which become days.  We don’t get back time.

All of us have the same amount of hours each day. Some of us are much better than others at using that.  Some people know how to get more life in their lives from utilizing their time more wisely.  I recommend we learn that.  We create time by becoming more judicious of what we do.  Learn to say “no” when it doesn’t add value.

“Time to start living!” Although I’m not quite sure what that means on a daily basis, I know that every day matters.  A wasted day is a day that I won’t get back.  Waste a Wednesday and boom, a seventh of the week is gone, and can lead to more days like that. I go to bed without the fulfillment of doing everything I could.  The weight of not doing my best is a very heavy weight. Time to start living means how I want to live.  Don’t put off for tomorrow what I can do today.  For a better future starts today.

Decision is just as important.  Not doing anything is just as bad as doing the wrong things, because we delay.  Actually, deciding not to do anything is a decision because we’re deciding against changing the status quo.  Sometimes we need to shake things up in order to advance ourselves.  Some days I’m en fuego with ideas of what I need to do, other days not so much.

Soul searching works for me because I decide what I don’t want as much as what I do want.  When we decide what we don’t want, we think to ourselves, “well, I’m not going to do that again!”, and save ourselves from wasting time on it in the future.  The scientific way of not wasting our time. Fool me once, shame on you and all…

Let’s audit our lives for what we’re doing right and doing wrong.  What adds value and subtracts value.  What we want to do more of and less of.  What do we want for the future, and how to make that happen, now.  Time is a valuable thing to waste.





  1. Gord says:

    Christian. Living everyday with fulfillment is a lot of pressure. Instead of that why not decide what is most important to us and live life ensuring that we have the right priorities. There will always be wasted time or time not well spent. But with the right focus I think our lives are fulfilling. We need permission to be lazy from time to time. Take time to enjoy what is important. You love your time with your family. That should be a priority for you and all of us that love our families. That is something you never get back. I think we spend too much “time” making sure that we don’t waste time. In your heart you know what makes you happy. Do what makes you happy.

    1. christian says:

      Very true, Gord. I would say time spent with family is important, as well as friends. Usually, if I’m on Facebook I’m connecting with runner friends (or posting stuff from my blogs), so it’s still something useful. We can’t be on 100%, and taking breaks makes us come back to work fresh. I’m talking more about “what am I doing with my life” and watching an obscene amount of television and Netflix. But I entirely agree do what’s important in life and time with family.

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