The Great Marathon Garmin Watch Challenge of 2017: Who wants it?

garmin 620 garmin challenge christian lautenschleger

This past week I received my new watch, the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, replacing the venerable Garmin 620 (I wanted fitness tracking, better battery life, and all of the bells and whistles, which aren’t too shabby).  What to do with the old watch?  I found a  resourceful, productive way for someone who will really use it! I wanted to create a challenge for someone this year.  You accomplish it, or pay my asking price if I had decided to sell my Garmin 620.  Enter, The Great Garmin Watch Challenge of 2017. My guidelines: DON’T own a fitness, GPS, or sport …

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What’s the worst thing that could happen?

worst thing christian lautenschleger

What holds us back?  The person who holds us back the most is ourselves.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  Our minds are genetically-engineered to be risk-averse. We’d rather not lose than gain.  We also regret not doing things than actually taking the change and doing things.  Go figure.  No wonder relationships “are complicated”. Let’s get this out of the way first.  The worst thing that could happen to us is die.  How often do we do something that might actually kill someone? Outside of driving, which – knock on wood – rarely results in someone dying, how often …

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Visualize success before it happens, the key?

visualize christian lautenschleger

Visualize success before it happens to make it a reality.  Our subconscious mind is a powerful being.  Visualize the success that it brings before it happens and watch your ideas, plans, and vision become a reality. Many a people visualize their futures far before it ever happens.  They have a grand vision that they seek to create.  When their future becomes the present, they knew it all along.  They only had to execute. If we don’t know what we  want, how can we achieve it.  How can we achieve if we don’t visualize?  If can be a family, a career, …

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Persistence: too stubborn to quit

Persistence: one of the greatest attributes of those who become successful and go far in life.  It’s timely for me, because of tendinitis issues I’ve had in my foot, ankle, and lower leg (I really did a number on myself a few weeks ago).  It’s persistence to a fault regarding some things, but not giving up is a strength. We’ve all heard the stories of Thomas Edison  failing time after time creating the light bulb.  But did he really fail?  No.  He used his persistence until he got the bulb to work. If we really want to make something happen, …

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