Put yourself out there, for good things the happen

christian lautenschleger

They say good things happen when you put the ball into play.    Watching the ball whiz by our bodies only leads to a ball or strike. But, from swinging the bat we see many possibilities.  We can get a hit, a sacrifice fly, or reach base on a fielding error.  Anything can happen.  We take action into our own hands, away from the decision of the umpire.  In life, good things happen when we put ourselves out there, meeting with, and talking to people.  We have to leave the confinement of our own homes.

In theory, we never have to leave our home to make a dollar.  We can be “digital nomads”, who call the office wherever an internet connection exists, or we can sell on eBay, whatever.  But how many people really are able to do that on a full-time basis?  But even if we work from home, we have to put ourselves out there in order to meet people, network, and make friends.  We opportunities and friendships arise.

There are wrong ways and right ways to network (which is its own subgenre in business and personal relationships), but we have to meet people one way or the other.  It can be a networking event, which ostensibly connects people with people, in a less-than-organic setting.  Or we can join affinity groups, which connects people with similar interests.  Similar interests bonds people more, because we like people who like what we do.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rationalized being 50/50 over whether not I go out to such an event.  I can also tell you that usually, something good comes from it.  One thing leads to another, which leads to another.  Things happen that wouldn’t if we stay at home in our comfort zone.  Going places in life is about meeting the right people, being likable, and hard work.  Notice the lack of entitlement.  No one owes us anything; life eventually catches up with those entitled, anyhow.

Go out and make it happen.  Meet people.  Ask them for help. The harder we work, the luckier we get. We need to put ourselves out there in the real world, social media, family & friends.  Good things happen when we make it happen for ourselves.

christian lautenschleger
Put yourself out there. Good things will happen.

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