Positive or negative: you are who we thought you were

positive water glass christian lautenschleger
positive water glass christian lautenschleger
Positive or negative. How do you view this glass?

We have two outlooks of life: positive and negative.  Or if you’d rather, the glass’s half-empty or half-full.  We can be one of the other.  We can’t possess them simultaneously.  The outlook we have in life is infectious, not only for ourselves but to others.  More than likely, you are who we thought you were.

Humans are social creatures.  The worst thing we can do is isolate ourselves from others.  We tend to want to associate and spend time with like minded people: The Law of Attraction.  We are the average of the five people with whom you spend most of your time.  If we spend most of our time with negative people, their negativity rubs off on us.  Or, positive people spark our attitude.  Birds of the same feather flock together.

Everything in life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What do we expect to happen with our attitudes exude negativity?  Our sub-conscious mind has already determined the end result and we only have to wait for our conscious mind to execute it.  If we have a positive mental outlook, we will perform far better than our pessimistic colleagues.

The people with whom you choose to spend time tremendously helps or hinders.  If we have a positive network of friends, associates, and colleagues we can bet top dollar our actions and outcomes result from their positive energy.  Do we have jobs we detest, because the surroundings infectiously affect the way we live our lives?  Are we forced to work there?  If not, leave!  The opposite reigns just as true: If we position ourselves in positive environments we feed off the positive jibes and enthusiasm.  Humans are social creatures.  As much as we want to be individuals, we are products of our environments.

We control our own thoughts.  That’s one of the most powerful epiphanies.  Once we make this realization, we realize we also control our environments.  We can change the environments to fit the lifestyle we want.  One of the best things to do is to find a group of like-minded people who support us with our personal and professional lives.  We need people who will support us, yet give us good advice that we need to hear.  To give us thoughts and opinions we never thought of.

Have you ever simultaneously possessed positive and negative thoughts?  I can’t recall.  That’s because our minds either have negative or positive thoughts at one time.  We can’t have both.  And thusly, negative thoughts manifest into something that can greatly bring us down, just as positive thoughts give us energy to do whatever we set our minds to achieve.  How do we want to live our lives?


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