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blogsfere christian lautenschleger

blogsfere christian lautenschlegerWelcome to Blogsfere. I am extraordinarly excited to bring you Blogsfere. Do you blogger? Do you want to connect with other bloggers and blogs? Do you want to learn more about blogging? Blogsfere was created to connect bloggers in an online community with a growing library of information, tutorials, and articles. It creates, fosters, and educates a blogging community.

I created Blogsfere, because although I’ve blogged for years, I’ve never found a really good way to connect with other people or bloggers, let alone have the “power” to have many posts highly ranked on Google (which has about 2/3 of the search engine market). The idea literally popped into my mind one morning during a Mastermind; as we discussed what our goals were for 2017, a blogger conduit popped into my mind.

The past week-and-a-half this website has become an obsession to brainstorm, create, and build.  It rivals only running.  There is more to do than hours in the day.  It won’t be built over night, but I do what I can each day and before we know it, it will come to fruition.

Blogsfere connects people.  After easily creating a profile, we are able to fill out a small profile including interests, areas of expertise, and of course, the links to our blog(s).  Simple enough.  We have forums created for topics, such as member introductions, ideas, and technical and creative blogging help.  And a library of knowledge!  Everyone may contribute!  Just remember to use our best effort!

Blogsfere will succeed because people will make it succeed.  People who have blogs have a passion.  We have the energy to want to write what we’re passionate about.  We want to spread the word of our passion with other people who share our passion or want to learn about it.  We want to make that connection.  It’s 2017; many friendships have formed online from using the internet as a medium.  We may have never met our “best friends” in person, but know them better than our “real life friends”.  It’s easy to find more people like that if we know where to look.

Passions are powerful.  We look for people with similar interests, goals, and aspirations as us.  We’ve taken the steps to blog, how about finding the people to share it with?

Blogsfere Core Missions

Little Voices, Big Stage

Blogsfere acts as a conduit for bloggers.  Most of us have relatively small webs of influence in our lives: our friends, family, co-workers, and social media followers.  But the internet connects everyone, everywhere.  The world wide web connects people and makes the world small. It’s a big stage.  Maybe we blog weeklies for our hobbies, maybe we blog to teach, or maybe we blog to start a social movement. Blogsfere acts as the amplifier.

Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Blogsfere only works if its community helps each other.  It works if we read, follow, and support each other.  It gives help, advice, and guidance to beginners and veterans alike.  It’s a friendly community to work to make each other better every day.  We’re here to give back as much as we are to share our stories.


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