Do it: You probably already know

How often are you stumped about what to do next? How often do you really wonder what you should be doing next? Instead, how often are you rationalizing putting something off? My guess is you probably know, but just don’t want to do it.

So, are you really stumped, or do you just not want to do it? Maybe you are nervous about contacting your boss, contacting someone you’ve been referred to yet have never met, or maybe you just don’t really want to do it at all.

I can honestly say there aren’t too many times I literally don’t know what to do. I don’t find too many full stops, because I plan ahead what to do next. If you think of “what’s the one thing I should do to help me more than anything else” you should be able to move from one step to the other.

Time is our most valuable asset. To cut to the chase, we’re not getting any younger and the thought that wasting time is something that motivates. I want to maximize the time I have, and I’ve learned to just do it makes me want to do even more. I get in the zone and want to do as much as possible. All it takes is the first step.

Do the thing you least want to do first. Why? Besides you’re inherently procrastinating, you’ll get the monkey off your back and feel motivated to do more. Action leads to more actions. You’ll surprise yourself by how much you can accomplish once you take the first step. Do it!

Do you know where to look if you don’t know how to do it? Do you need to meet more people? Learn new skills? Do you network to meet people who can help you along your way? Do you know how to search the web to learn new skills? (NOTE: that’s not being snarky, but I come across a tremendous amount of people who don’t know how to utilize the search function of the internet — there’s no reason we can’t all be autodidacts today.)

Here’s an activity. Think for ten seconds what you need to do. How many did you come up with? Now go do it.