Consistency — make it easy, make it a habit

bambootiger christian lautenschleger

Creating a new blog website is case in point #1 of building consistency.  I had no consistency for my last website.  It made no sense.  I kind of put

bambootiger christian lautenschleger consistency
One of the first pictures I took with an SLR. Think I haven’t improved?

random things everywhere.  It was unorganized.  It looked like some kid from the ’90s slapped it together.  I want a way to start blogging efficientl.  I want to be able to write and put it online.  I want consistency.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice (graphic link).  You get good from practice.  Through practice you improve and become better.

The easier it is to do something, the more likely you are to do it (or the opposite is true: if you want to stop watching TV, make the remote difficult to access — you’ll really have to want it!).  Make things easy to do, easy to systematize, easy to finish.

In my case, I wanted to make a clean blog.  To easily categorize posts.  To clear the mind and make it easier focusing on words instead of periphery.  By organizing posts into cohesive categories, it is easy to think of words to make into posts.  Afterward, I have created a better system of sharing posts — put them on social media! and onto outlets, such as Medium.

Watch out for “shiny new object” syndrome.  For me, I get excited when I start something new — I want to learn everything about it.  The problem is I can get out of something as easily as I can get into something.  Consistency is key.  Create two or three blog articles per week.  There, you have written ten in a month.  In six months over 60, and so forth.  Just keep at it. For blog writing, it will gain a following, experience, skill, and am opportunity to showcase knowledge,  inspiration, and expertise.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

My first passion – running – requires consistency.  The more consistent your training, the better your race results because your body and mind will have adapted to the training stimuli.  Your body is a machine that needs to be fine-tuned.  Your lifestyle molds it just a little more each day.  The more you run the more talent you realize you have.

Consistency leads to “automatic mode”.  Your mind will develop habits for you to improve with less effort.  That starts from creating systems that facilitate consistency.


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