I don’t watch Shark Tank: Am I a winner or loser?

watch shark tank christian lautenschleger

Full disclosure: I don’t watch  Shark Tank, so I don’t know much about the show.  In fact, most of what I know about the show I learned from watching a standup comedienne and Wikipedia. If sitting down to watch Shark Tank inspires one to become an entrepreneur, great.  But do the people who start businesses and seek investor capital watch the show? I’ve read in a forum or two about why more famous people don’t post.  Maybe because they’re doing what they’re doing that make them famous?  Duh. People rarely stumble upon being famous; it takes years of persistence, struggle, …

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How to instantly start a business?

luxury travel christian lautenschleger

How to instantly start a business? Step 1. Think of an idea Step 2. Start a business. It’s that simple.  If it’s an obsession, passion, or calling, we start now.  If there’s a new show to binge on Netflix, we bet our asses those aficionados start binging now, not next week. Those two steps are all it takes.  We can read “20 GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS!”, but if none of them peak our interest today, do we really think we’ll start tomorrow?  For those who’ve been in the startup circle, we know there’s too much that goes into starting a business …

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Introducing Blogsfere

blogsfere christian lautenschleger

Welcome to Blogsfere. I am extraordinarly excited to bring you Blogsfere. Do you blogger? Do you want to connect with other bloggers and blogs? Do you want to learn more about blogging? Blogsfere was created to connect bloggers in an online community with a growing library of information, tutorials, and articles. It creates, fosters, and educates a blogging community. I created Blogsfere, because although I’ve blogged for years, I’ve never found a really good way to connect with other people or bloggers, let alone have the “power” to have many posts highly ranked on Google (which has about 2/3 of …

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Living for the weekend fallacy

working for the weekend christian lautenschleger

The American work week goes like this: Monday morning comes as we stammer to our place of work, where we talk about what we did “all” weekend.  Tuesday doesn’t matter. We call Wednesday “hump day” because we’re “getting over the hump”, and for its double-entendre.  Thursday is the new Friday!  Let’s go out and do stuff, tomorrow’s Friday!  It’s TGIF!  That means we only have to kill a few hours at work!  It’s Friday night!  Saturday, let’s do something recreational! Sunday!  Time for church and family!  Ugh, it’s Sunday evening and I’m counting down the clock until I go to …

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How often do we read books that change our lives?

give and take book christian lautenschleger

When’s the last time you’ve read a book that’s changed your mindset and outlook?  We may read books all of the time, and they may be “good”, but how often are they ones that change us?  How often do we read books that open our minds to something we haven’t known – or even considered – before opening the cover. I just started reading Give and Take (thanks, Prime shipping!).  It’s absolutely captivating. I’ve heard of Gary V’s “Jab, jab, right hook” metaphor, but GaT takes it to an academic level that really brings it home. There are three types of …

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5 by 5 rule: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

5 by 5 rule christian lautenschleger

The amount of people sweating the small stuff never ceases to astonish.  Whether it be our jobs, our family, our hobby, or something that we came across will making the Monday commute — something seems to put us over the edge.  Why though?  The world may be full of many temporary inconveniences, but few things matter longer than the immediate present.  Live the 5 by 5 rule. The 5 by 5 rules simply states that if something won’t matter in 5 years, but spend more than 5 minutes upset about it.  Don’t be a drama queen.  Don’t create unnecessary stress.  …

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Bitching about fellow Millennials

#takemeback millennials christian lautenschleger

There won’t be citations.  I am the citation.  I’ve experienced everything in this manifesto first hand.  Everyone has his or her own experience.  I have mine.  Every generation has its own thing; mine certainly has its own.  I see strong divides in millennials who “get it” and those who don’t.  The only comparison I can think of is a rich vs. poor kid going to an Ivy.  The poor kid will get a great education; the rich kid will be set for life.  I know of quite a few people who do “get it”, but unfortunately too many of my …

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What’s the worst thing that could happen?

worst thing christian lautenschleger

What holds us back?  The person who holds us back the most is ourselves.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  Our minds are genetically-engineered to be risk-averse. We’d rather not lose than gain.  We also regret not doing things than actually taking the change and doing things.  Go figure.  No wonder relationships “are complicated”. Let’s get this out of the way first.  The worst thing that could happen to us is die.  How often do we do something that might actually kill someone? Outside of driving, which – knock on wood – rarely results in someone dying, how often …

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Minimalism — Less is more in our lives

minimalism christian lautenschleger

It seems almost counterintuitive to be an American and want less.  Especially after Christmas.  Minimalism seems like a weird, counterculture lifestyle when more people can be materialistic as ever.  But why do we actually want more stuff?  Because we fell into love from advertisements?  We want what other people have?  Or because we’re buying stuff to fill some sort of need want? I almost by accident discovered minimalism a few months ago.  I think I found it while browsing TED talks on YouTube.  It got my attention.  Why have stuff we don’t need? (And by stuff I mean things that …

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Persistence: too stubborn to quit

Persistence: one of the greatest attributes of those who become successful and go far in life.  It’s timely for me, because of tendinitis issues I’ve had in my foot, ankle, and lower leg (I really did a number on myself a few weeks ago).  It’s persistence to a fault regarding some things, but not giving up is a strength. We’ve all heard the stories of Thomas Edison  failing time after time creating the light bulb.  But did he really fail?  No.  He used his persistence until he got the bulb to work. If we really want to make something happen, …

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